Why last year doesn't matter...

Jan 07, 2024
When you're busy making goals for 2024, we tend to look at our 2023 to plan for 2024. But this is not your traditional let's plan 2024 email. Why?

I recently watched the Taylor Swift Era's Tour concert (for the 2nd time) and it got me on a kick of listening to the Taylor Swift channel on my Spotify.

As a business person, an independent woman, a creator, and a resilient rockstar there are a lot of great lessons you can learn from Taylor's life and business journey.

If  you weren't aware, Taylor re-recorded her albums and re-released them. She did this because all of her original music was sold and she was never offered to buy it herself. So she found a workaround and stuck it to 'the man' for screwing her over (my words, not hers). I LOVE that tenacity. She didn't just sit down and feel bad for herself, she stood tall and FOUND A WAY.

While my daughter and I were watching the Era's Tour we were in awe of her physical stamina to run around and sing without losing her breath. My daughter said she read Taylor runs on the treadmill while singing her fast songs and walks during the slow songs, singing all along the way CONDITIONING HER VOICE FOR PERFORMANCE.

Recently the song "Mean- Live 2011" started playing and I started comparing Taylor's old LIVE performances to her ERA LIVE performance.

Of course, all of Taylor's singing is amazing, but there is a distinct difference between her performance in 2011 and 2023. The improvement in her breath, control, and confidence is palatable.

Here's the thing, Taylor was amazing in 2011 and even more amazing in 2023. Heck, she was amazing the day she started and every year she works hard and she improves and it shows in her performance.

What's always most important is what is next.
So why does last year not matter? Because I want you to focus on where you are RIGHT NOW and your NEXT LEVEL.

Don't beat yourself up for numbers you didn't hit, pounds you didn't lose, money you didn't make, trips you didn't take, the closet you didn't organize...you get the point.

What you did last year is amazing because that's what you could do; it's what you accomplished. AND what you do next is going to be amazing and help you grow this year to be even better than last year.

So what's next for you? Where are you right now in your life and your business journey? What is next for you?

One step at a time I built a 1M GCI business with no degree, no mainstream training, and it was against the 'normal' grain of mainstream real estate methods.

There are 4 main components to a successful real estate business and I shared them with you on the latest podcast episode.

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Life is meant to be experienced. Let's make that experience more enjoyable.

Wishing you all the best this week.
❤️ Coach Lisa Binggeli


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