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FREE Guide to How I Sold 120 Homes in 1 Year!

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Become the Top Brokerage in Your Area

With the Agent Leader Brokerage Coaching Program, you will fast track your agent training with the most comprehensive #1 new agent training program on the market today. Guaranteed to increase agent production by providing the missing support your agents need that you haven't had the time or the tools to implement.

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Monthly Coaching

Learn the skills and strategies you need to set yourself apart and stand out in the minds of potential clients. Topics range from developing your personal brand to focusing on what's happening in the market, so you become the expert and win more business.

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Business Growth

Whether you're just getting started or looking to grow your business full of repeat customers and referrals, get on the fast track to business growth with easy to follow step-by-step instructions  that will lead you to consistently meet your sales goals each year.

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Agent Leader Academy
Road to $100k

Building a successful real estate business can be tough, especially when you're struggling to figure it out on your own. Let me guide you through everything ensuring you have the right people, processes, & tools in place to manage it all.


You finally found the one place that gives you a clearly defined path with everything you need

to build the life you love.

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Common sense says we don’t need a script.

Infuse your day with a real estate podcast that marries encouragement with personal experiences and insight from an experienced agent and coach. 

Join me for conversations of shared knowledge and encouragement that will lighten your day and have you ready to soar past limits you once thought existed! 


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"I cannot recommend the Agent Leader training enough..."

"Before teaming up with Lisa I saw her listings everywhere and always wondered how one agent could garner so much business, the answer is in the training!! If you want to win and set yourself apart, Lisa's Agent Leader training is by far the best way to do so!"

- Dave M.

When I first met Delsah, she was "confused & discouraged. It was like swimming upstream without a life jacket."

"Sooo… I went into the office today and our office manager surprised me with my name and photo on a plaque for Jan 2023 Top Producer and #1 agent in our office! I am #53 YTD out of 2500 agents and teams in our entire MLS. I absolutely, positively would not be where I am today without your help, encouragement, and training."

- Delsah I.

Agent Leader Coaching is the key to quickly, easily and effectively build your real estate business.

Find a Coach!

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Whether you are looking for a private 1-on-1 coaching session to get you on the right path or group coaching with like minded agents or a complete coaching solution for your brokerage, Agent Leader Coaching is your one stop shop

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Stop waiting and start selling!  In the Road to 100K you have access to all the tactics, street smarts, tools, coaching and support you need to find more clients, close more deals, and make more money. Stop waiting, start earning.

Daily planner and client management books

Everything you need to organize your days/weeks/months with this custom planner for Realtors! Plus keep all of your client information in one place with listing and buyer pages! Grab them both! You'll thank me later. Limited stock.

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Done-For-You Marketing Plans to Generate Your Own Leads and Create Business Growth

The Marketing Playbooks positively impact your volume AND your income.

It's time to take back control of our lead sources, control our commissions, and build strong businesses!

Starting at $39!


Lisa's Business Plan 

that she can teach you!

As a solo agent with no business or brokerage traning and no transaction coordinator, Lisa accomplished unheard of sales. As of January 2022, her track record over the past seven years speaks for itself.

Are you ready to duplicate Lisa's framework for success? Let's get started!

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Homelight 2020 Top producer award
Homelight 2020 Sells Home Fast award
Fast Expert 2022 Top Agent Award
Boise 2021 Top Producer award

Agent Leader Coaching with Lisa Binggeli

Lisa Binggeli is the Founder and CEO of Agent Leader™ coaching and training platform, a Certified High-Performance Coach™, a Certified Life Coach with LCS™, and a Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker who is a consistent 7-figure earner.

Lisa is known for her out-of-the-box approach to real estate transactions and a master at relationship marketing. Lisa's entrepreneurial drive is only overshadowed by her love of bringing others along for the journey so they can experience success as well.

Her mother would tell you she does not take no for an answer and as a business owner has adopted the mantra "there is always a way".

Lisa loves personal and professional development and is always looking or challenges to keep growing. She is a wife to Realtor Travis Binggeli and a mother of three wonderful children. Born and raised in Idaho, she loves hiking and boating and is obsessed with Peloton™.

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One-on-One Coaching

Free 30 Minute Session

The recording will be used on social media, YouTube, and on AL podcast.


FREE Guide to How I Sold 120 Homes in 1 Year!