What Agents Are Saying

Lisa shares how to quickly and easily build your real estate business.


Elaine P, Idaho

The secrets we all need!

"Highly recommended. All the things they don't teach you in class when you get your license. Building your business, building your confidence, creating contacts, and creating a successful future in Real Estate. The secrets we all need!"


Holly B, Utah

I am so thankful!

"As a brand new agent I was feeling lost, until I found Lisa and the Agent Leader program. She has broken everything down into easy steps to follow which has made being an agent a lot less daunting. Each week she provided a wealth of information, and I know it will be something that I will use for the rest of my career in real estate. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of this class. Lisa is a great teacher who really cares about the success of her students and the Agent Leader course has really set me on the right path."


April D, California

My business is growing faster!

"This has been such a wave of information about this business that no other person seem to want to give me! I highly recommend taking these classes and coaching with Lisa! As a new agent I am aware that 95% of us leave this business the first year because of lack of knowledge so what a relief to hear her council and impeccable advice that a new agent can comprehend! My business is growing faster because she has shared her wisdom with me! Thank you Lisa!!"


Jenni B, Idaho

I feel confident!

"Lisa did an amazing job on this leadership training course! She covered everything necessary to become successful in real estate. Her knowledge and experience helps me to feel confident that I have all the information necessary to help the process run smoothly and efficiently, and still make and keep my clients."


Yolanda P, California

Lisa goes above and beyond!

"The Agent Leader 12 Week course was an incredible experience. I’m new to real estate, so this course offered so much insight into everything you can expect to encounter. Lisa shares her experience and insights through easy to follow objectives and clear steps to getting your career started. From what to do when you have nothing to do, building a solid network, how to get through challenging unforeseen things, and so much more. The course connects you with an online community that is supportive, motivating and inspiring. Lisa goes above and beyond for her students, making sure they’re engaged, benefiting from the course and not feeling lost. I’ve learned so much from this course and am grateful to have been a part of it."


Meredith F,  Colorado

It set me up to succeed!

"The Agent Leader course was crucial to my success as a new agent. Each week Lisa would cover a relevant topic and provide tips and tricks that I will be implementing throughout the rest of my career. Lisa’s experience and knowledge allows her to be wonderful coach but above all else she truly cares about helping others. This course truly set me up to succeed!"


Jennifer A

It motivates me!

"I learn something new. It motivates me. Helps me know I’m on the right track and where I can improve. I like learning through your experiences and others’ mistakes -"


Yolanda P, California

Lisa is heaven sent!

"Lisa is heaven sent! I was completely new to real estate, freshly on a new team and didn't know anything. I was receiving training from my team but there were sooo many little things missed I just could not understand how to be successful or even if it was possible. After the first week of training with Lisa, I knew this was different. She gave me all the tools needed to succeed in Real Estate and in my personal life too! Because she's so passionate about helping agents, she combs through everything very thoroughly.

Originally, I was looked at as an amateur by my team but after my training they were amazed at how knowledgeable I was and I owe that all to her! This year WILL be the best year of my life and because of the 12 Week Agent Leader Courses I truly believe that! Thank you Lisa for everything!"


Colleen F

You are giving me all the tools I need!

Lisa, I am so thankful for your Boost and Elevate classes! I became a Realtor at the end of October and by December felt confused about what I was actually supposed to be doing every day. I found you on Facebook right when I was ready to close my Facebook page for a bit and get off social media and started reading some of your posts. I instantly was excited to read more. When I found out you offered FREE classes on Fridays, I made sure to keep that time open because I knew I needed to know what you had to share. After just a few weeks I felt so much more aware and prepared for what to say to clients and who I actually need to know ahead of time (dream team) before getting really busy in the business. Now for the most part, I’ve “got a guy for that!”

When I heard you would be doing the Elevate class, I knew it was non-negotiable for me to attend. I made my first sale and used that money to buy the program. The class couldn’t start soon enough for me. Lol!

"I had my first listing come up real fast (like overnight) and watched/listened to the video on my way to the appointment. I knew what to say by the time I was there. The class and you give me the confidence that I need. I wasn’t learning the simple conversations from my office. You are giving me all the tools I need to be successful in my new career and I thank you so much!

I appreciate the time you spend with me, the advice you give and the opportunity to build relationships with others around the country.

You are such a blessing to me and all you share your knowledge with. Thank you so very much!!"


Jennifer A

My success has snowballed!

"Lisa, I would love to thank you and tell you how your Elevate Program got my business started strong!

I got my license at the end of October, in a town where I have no family or friends to get business from and I had no prospects for when I did have my license. I paid for your Elevate courses and mentorship program and YOU gave me the tools to build a team around me to get going and to go fast!

In January, I was able to discuss with the potential client, no strings attached, the aspects of him selling his home. You gave me the tools to sound professional and know the process ahead of time! I kicked butt in that casual conversation and won the listing! I held an open house for only 1 day, and because of your training in helping and actually caring about people, and creating and partnering with my “team” you helped me create, I got two more clients from that open house. People around me have seen my success (because I have done everything you suggested regarding social media and personal touches with marketing) and my success has snowballed! It is now the beginning of April and I am on track for 2.8 million in sales by the end of the month! And it's only April!

Thank you for believing in me, helping me, motivating and coaching me! My brokerage is a great brokerage (I found them through asking the right questions with your Elevate program). And although they’re a great supportive brokerage, you are giving me the tools to sound competent, go faster, and you believe in me when someone else might tell me to have another agent help me and share the commission!"


Megan R

Thank You!

"I just walked through your CMA training because that is an area I don't feel 100% confident with. I got more information in how to do it and what's important by watching you walk through one then I've received the whole time I've been an agent. I've always asked for help and someone to double check to make sure I've priced right. But no explanation as to what I did wrong or right. I just want to say thank you again!"


Shelley B

I really appreciate all your teaching!

"I really appreciate all of your teaching, Lisa! Most of real estate is common sense, I feel. But your teaching about staying ahead of problems and managing clients' feelings has been invaluable already. I haven't heard anyone else talking about this part of being a Realtor which is a shame because it is huge."


Gaye L

Still learning from Lisa!

"Even having been in the business for 4 years, still learning from Lisa! Great leader/mentor and I look forward to our Wednesday calls! You are an awesome lady and I thank you for your help!"


Connie W

I wish I would have found you years ago!

Lisa, you are the best, really truly you are. No one in this business does for other agents what you do. I wish I would have found you years ago. You have such a great heart and are such an amazing leader. I wished you lived closer to me.


Delsah I

I am extremely thankful!

We are all very lucky to have you, I'm extremely thankful that I found this group and for your mentorship...the value here is nothing short of amazing!


Kaitlyn F

Lisa's system works!

When your goal was 3 transactions in a year...and a couple months later you are writing 3 offers in one weekend...and then they all get accepted!!!!! Lisa's system works!


Dana R

Finding confidence!

I have been told, to create spread sheets, clients are just clients not friends, don’t use referral services, don’t post or celebrate closings or my clients victories…..the list goes on and on and on…I know everyone has their own style of business, and now thanks to you I am finding the confidence to develop mine.


Carri S

All the right tools!

Lisa is such an inspirational coach who has all the right tools to help me in my real estate career. I've been a part of her coaching program for a while now and she is perfect for me. Down to earth, easy going and real. You won't regret choosing her to be your coach!!


Cynthia H

Top Producer!!!

In January, I was named "Top Producer" for the month. I'm grateful for awesome clients and I appreciate YOU! I've been truly hustling and will continue to do so.


Dave M

Set yourself apart!!!

If you are new to the industry or struggling to find your footing, I cannot recommend the Agent Leader training enough, it will help you fill your daily schedule with tasks that are money making activities with a multitude of different options on how to do so rather than the generic answer of "call your sphere". Before teaming up with Lisa, I saw her listings everywhere and always wondered how one agent could garner so much business, the answer is in the training!! If you want to win and set yourself apart in a very challenging industry, Lisa's Agent Leader training is by far the best way to do so!