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 Generate Your Own Leads with Agent Leader Value Marketing Methods

One NEW Method Each Month!

Find out how to generate Leads HERE

Pay a Lead Gen Company OR Pay Yourself
Are you tired of taking home a fraction of your paycheck using lead gen companies? Me too!

You pay them up front OR pay them a referral when you close, and it feels like you’re throwing time and money at companies. Deep down you know there has to be more profitable ways to lead generate!

You’re gambling on the company to provide legit leads that are ready to sell or buy so you’re not wasting your time (insert eye roll here).

The frustration you feel is justified.

How about this…don’t pay them at all!

Stop wasting time and money! There is another way.

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It’s time to...

It’s time to walk away from barely working old methods. Isn’t it time we think outside the box? Yeah, it’s time. Get ready to use your own resources to generate your own leads with the Agent Leader Value Marketing Methods.

It doesn’t matter if you're a seasoned agent or new, each Marketing Playbook is something you can implement in your business to create your own sustainable source of leads all while keeping 100% of your commission.

Imagine where you'll be when you've focused your ambitions on your own marketing methods with one NEW method every month. It's the compounding factor.

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Compound my business
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Every month I will teach you a unique lead generation method with step-by-step instructions found only in that month’s new Playbook. Within 90 minutes of training each month, you’ll have everything you need to implement the next day.

You’ll be working the program right alongside the other members so you’ll have a safe place to ask questions, get feedback, make adjustments, plus you’ll have me, your coach right by your side as a constant resource. How can you do anything but succeed?!

Each month the Marketing Playbook will help you make a positive impact on your volume AND your income by successfully generating your own leads. The entire Agent Leader Academy will be with each other every step of the way, so if you struggle, we're here to lift you up and help you find success.

It's time to take back control of our lead sources, control our commission, and build a stronger businesses!

If you can’t tell, I’m passionate about helping you succeed in your business and make more money!

In less than 3 years, I went from stay-at-home mom to a High Performing Realtor, consistently selling 90+ units per year BY MYSELF.

It’s time to think outside the routine methods Realtors strap themselves to. It’s time to be better, be different.

I didn’t get to where I am by following the standard methods other agents use; I approach business differently and that's what makes me successful. I'm ready to teach you how. So are you ready to join the Academy?

It's time to go beyond the standard methods of lead generation.

Go the extra mile. For yourself. For your business and future.

Are you ready to go the extra mile in your own business

How does the Agent Leader Academy work?

1st Friday of each month at 10am MDT

Zoom Training on a different topic each week. Inspections, appraisals, offers, market conditions, conversion, tools, etc.


2nd Friday of each month at 10am MDT

90 minute workshop with one new Lead Generation Playbook each month, PDF Playbook included (all the tools you need to implement the lead generation right away).


3rd Friday of the month - Bye week

This is a bye-week so you have time to implement the Playbook!


4th Friday of the month at 10am MDT

Live 60-90 minute Q&A Session plus collaboration in breakout groups to share your successes, assess your progress, ask for help, and identify any changes you may need to make.


Level up my lead strategies
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“I’ve been licensed since 2013. I work mainly residential with buyers, sellers, and investors. I also am the Assistant Property Manager at my broker managing 380+ properties. I absolutely LOVE my job! I’m an OG and met Lisa through another group. I’ve learned so much from her and my personal business has tripled thanks to her selfless teaching, wisdom, and support. Lisa has changed my business and my life forever in the BEST possible ways! Grateful for her!!”

~ `Tish F.

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“Thank you. I am looking forward to this playbook. This will be my first. I like your learning style and then implementing it. I am very structured in my thinking so finding a process to follow is ideal. No one ever teaches what to do and how often to follow up. I have been at this for 8 years and I'm revamping my business so I can double my income.”

~ Joanne T.

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The market is changing, rents are high priced with a record number of Renters.

Capture the Renter with the 5 C's:

  • 10 Comprehensive Value methods to market to Renters
  • Communicate your services with Confidence 
  • Capture the Renter's contact info
  • Combat objections
  • Convert the Renters to buyers

Includes workbook & customizable CANVA marketing documents!

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When we're done, you'll be the master at Capture the Renter!

  • ✔ Be confident in 10 new methods that attract and convert
  • ✔ Fill your pipeline with future closings
  • ✔ Increase your sphere
  • ✔ Address the questions Renters didn't know they had!
  • ✔ Develop a confident approach and presentation
  • ✔ Create demand for your services
  • ✔ Finally have an effective follow-up plan
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Bonus! Receive Access To

Over 70+ training videos to help you Grow, Transform, and Succeed in your business, topics include listings, transactions, client conversion, retention, sales skills, AND MORE!