How to deal with burnout as a real estate agent

Dec 20, 2022
Agent Leader
How to deal with burnout as a real estate agent

Be sure to catch both part 1 and part 2 of this coaching session.

We can experience burnout, especially after the last 2 years of a crazy busy market.

This client had a few competing thoughts going on. She was burnt out and didn't want to get back to work for fear of repeating the same pattern of feeling an uncontrollable schedule.

However, she loves to work. She enjoys accomplishing and earning and increasing income year over year.

But how can she do both of those things when they are competing thoughts. Her brain's solution was systems.

If she only had better systems, she wouldn't burn out. Kudos to her brain for trying to solve the problem.

Join me as we journey through the thought process of first, realizing what thoughts she's having and second, what really is the solution.

Part 2 we journey into more of the solution as well as coaching on how to break down the processes step by step to achieve the results we really want. Plus how to build a schedule you love.


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