73 | 5 Step Process for Real Estate Lead Generation

Season #1

Learn the importance of personal lead generation and building client relationships in this video. Understand how to align with your customer's vision of success and find the right approach. Discover a five-step framework for effective lead generation and get valuable tips for finding potential clients. Gain insights into the significance of knowledge, consistency, and service in lead generation. Explore how to organize and track leads using the Engage More CRM system, and don't forget to use the discount code mentioned in the video. Hear a heartwarming story about helping a scared client and treating people well. Join the Agent Leader Academy for monthly playbooks and accountability at just $79/month, or become part of the Elevate Mastermind group for coaching, training, and community at $1697/year. Stay tuned for exciting giveaways and free training, and feel free to ask questions and seek guidance on your real estate business.


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