70 | ASK A COACH | Real Estate Market Saturation and Industry Strategies

Season #1

Real Estate Market Saturation Discussed

Brittany Waterman expressed her frustrations about the saturation of the real estate market by competitors, particularly larger companies like Zillow. She shared her approach to building a relationship business, investing in her agents' education, and offering unique services. Brittany also highlighted the importance of market understanding and the ability to provide valuable guidance to clients. Lisa Binggeli, a high-performance and life coach, agreed on the significance of comprehending the market and providing value rather than focusing solely on sales. They both stressed that their roles are not just sales jobs but relationship-building ones.

Real Estate Industry Strategies

Lisa and Brittany discussed their experiences and strategies in the real estate industry. Brittany emphasized her commitment to providing superior services and transparency, which she believes sets her apart from other agents. She expressed frustration with the dominance of companies that prioritize quantity over quality. Lisa acknowledged this industry issue and suggested that Brittany could differentiate herself by providing more training and guidance to her agents. They also discussed the potential benefits of using platforms like Zillow to reach more clients.

Real Estate Agent Challenges: Work-Life Balance and Client Base

Lisa Binggeli and Brittany Waterman discussed the challenges of being a real estate agent, particularly in relation to maintaining a work-life balance and nurturing a client base. Brittany shared her experiences of a particularly hectic period where she was closing 21 homes a month, and how she had to train new agents while still maintaining her own clients and transactions. Lisa then shared her own experience of starting from scratch without an existing sphere of influence, and how she built her business through developing associations. Both agreed that relationships and a strong sphere of influence are key to success in the real estate industry.

Teamwork and Support in Real Estate

Brittany Waterman and Lisa Binggeli, a high-performance and life coach, discussed the importance of teamwork and mutual support in the real estate industry. They highlighted the dangers of competition within a brokerage and emphasized the need to foster a positive and supportive environment. They also touched upon the crucial role of continuous learning and taking action in the industry. Towards the end, they discussed their strategies for attracting builders and clientele for their agents.


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