69 | How to be More Assertive and Increase Lead Conversion

Season #1

This podcast episode focuses on shared knowledge and encouragement for overcoming limits and being more assertive in the real estate industry. The importance of courage and influence in increasing lead conversion is discussed, with an emphasis on natural conversations and reactions rather than relying on scripts. Strategies and personal experiences are shared for improving conversion rates, including being proactive in helping clients and providing value without being pushy. The episode also suggests using MLS systems for automated searches and saving time, and encourages listeners to assess areas for improvement and find ways to provide value to clients. Thinking outside the box and expanding parameters in property searches, finding a helpful lender, and staying informed about interest rates are also discussed. The episode encourages creating an efficient system for managing leads and transactions, and highlights the value of personalized and valuable information to clients. It stresses the importance of taking charge and being a leader in the home buying process, and suggests regularly reassessing and improving one's approach to building a real estate business. The next session will discuss the topic of influence and encourage questions from participants.


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