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Season #1

Increasing Business Contacts Strategy

Marni and her coach discussed strategies for increasing business contacts. Marni proposed using circle calls and postcards for current business, but admitted her follow-up with past clients was sporadic. The coach suggested Marni use a tool called Homebot to keep in touch with past clients, and this would also serve as a way to gather more listings. Marni agreed to this and was assigned to get her past clients on Homebot. The coach also advised Marni to focus on circle prospecting and aim to get more people on Homebot.

Finding Your Business Niche

The coach discussed the importance of finding what works best for each individual in business, emphasizing that there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. They stressed the need to discover what one loves and is good at, and then amplify that. The coach also highlighted the importance of passion in one's work, suggesting that if one doesn't love what they're doing, they won't be motivated to do it. They expressed their dislike for certain methods, such as door-to-door soliciting, as a way to illustrate their point.

Personalized Coaching With New Schedule and Resources

Marni voiced her interest in a personalized approach to coaching, with a focus on accountability. The coach confirmed that their Academy provides a customized training approach, allowing clients to choose specific tools and resources based on their individual needs and goals. The coach also introduced the new coaching call schedule, which includes a call to audit one's business, a call for high earners, and a call to unlock mindset. The coach stressed the importance of having a strong digital presence, offering value to potential clients, and supporting new levels of expertise. The coach also mentioned the availability of lifetime access to coaching and resources for a one-time fee of $3,000.

Managing Potential Buyers for Business Growth

Coach discussed the importance of managing potential buyers for a business. He highlighted the need to prepare for a potential increase in demand, rather than focusing solely on finding sellers. The Coach suggested building a strong support system to gather more buyers without taking up too much time. He emphasized the need for automation and follow-up systems to efficiently manage potential buyers and avoid time wastage.

Database and Client Management in Real Estate

The coach and Marni discussed the importance of organization and systems in real estate. The coach suggested a method of maintaining a database of potential clients, including their personal information, timeline, and property preferences. This database can be used to market new listings and compound business. Marni agreed with the idea and proposed to put these contacts on a search and check in with them periodically. The coach also suggested adding a status column to the database to keep track of notes and details about each contact. Marni planned to implement this system after the call.


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