The MAP to How I Sold 48 Homes My 1st Year in Real Estate

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How did I sell 48 homes my 1st year...

While I was talking to agents these past two weeks, we were discussing the best place to get more leads. And then I started to get a little confused and overwhelmed!  


Because I started to believe it was hard. I started to buy into the story that we needed to find THE WAY that worked well.  

I actually started to doubt all I knew that was true about lead generation (okay, I'm maybe a little overly dramatic here, but you get the picture).  

There is a reason why talking about leads can lead to overwhelm and I can't imagine what you are facing with the stressful conditions in the marketplace right now.   

Are you feeling overwhelmed by needing a paycheck soon? Frustrated? Stressed? Unsure?  

In order to answer the burning question of where to find leads, I decided to go back in time to 9 years ago when I was a new agent and sold 48 properties in my first year. I had no training so I was making it all up as I went, I had no SOI and few friends because we had recently moved to a new town, I was unaware lead sources existed, and I had no money to spend on leads anyway.  If you resonate with any of these circumstances then let's go!

This seems like a great place to start for evidence of how to sell right now.  While identifying where every single sale came from (you can see the breakdown chart on the YOUTUBE video), there are 4 things I realized about my unusual business growth.  

1. There was a PATTERN to my behavior. I was ALL IN ALL THE TIME! I filled my day with movement and I didn't let up. 

2. I had ZERO EXPECTATIONS of someone else providing leads for me. It wasn't my broker's job and the 3rd party companies didn't exist back then (or I just didn't know about them yet) and I didn't have money to pay for leads. So the expectation was that if I wanted it, I would have to figure it out myself.  

3. I slowly learned WHAT WORKED and how to use it to my advantage. This was done by trial and error and I didn't allow myself to continue repeating a process that wasn't getting me results. I would keep adding ideas and trying new things until a client would "shake out" and become a paycheck.  

4. I learned WHAT TO DO MORE OF that was bringing me business. I used the power of assessment to realize what I needed to double down on to keep business flowing.   I'm sharing all insights with you and then answering some important questions, all on this week's episode of Ask A Coach.  Then you can register for our next Ask A Coach session this Thursday morning. Come experience coaching at a whole new level.

If you are out showing houses then catch the replay when you subscribe to the podcast.  Life is meant to be experienced. Let's make that experience more enjoyable.  Wishing you all the best this week.  Coach Lisa Binggeli

Check out the latest podcast episode of Real Estate Business Growth & Mindset Coaching where I shared all about my business, what it was like in the beginning, where closings came from, what I invested time and money in, and my key takeaways of what worked and what didn't. Then we had some amazing coaching questions come in, so listen all the way through the end. 

The MAP to How I Sold 48 Homes My 1st Year in Real Estate

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