Ask A Coach | How do I convert a FSBO or Expired to list with me?

Season #1

Why agents struggle to communicate their value...

As an agent, one of the greatest tools you possess is your ability to communicate.

And you're probably thinking..."Lisa, I'm an amazing communicator already".

I don't doubt your communication skills. However, as your coach, it's my job to challenge you to go further. 

When you're working hard to convert a client to work with you it's not so much about HOW you communicate, it's more about WHAT you're communicating. 

Clients want to feel comfortable, calm, and taken care of. They need to envision a low-stress process and the way to achieve the big life transition they are contemplating. 

So, tell me this. The industry "scripts" says you cold call a fsbo or expired and offer to list their house.

Then when you're dismissed without being hired you're convinced converting fsbo or expired is difficult and not worth your time because the odds of landing the listing are low. 

They are only low because you didn't come to the table with VALUE. 

Curious how to level up and communicate your value so you are a converting machine??? 


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Life is meant to be experienced. Let's make that experience more enjoyable.

Wishing you all the best this week.
❤️ Coach Lisa Binggeli

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